Point of sail.

Being mindful and sustainable we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint. This means avoiding flights at all costs. This leads us to our first big challenge, finding a sailboat to take us to south America.

If you believe in Karma ​this was definitely Karma.

We will cross the Atlantic from Portugal to Brazil.

Point of sail.

Sometime when our dreams are too big, they scary a little and this dream to cross an ocean with a sail boat, from a continent to an other with the strength of the wind is kind of crazy. To find a skipper and ship which will take a couple with no miles experiences and a dog was definitely our biggest challenge so fare. First of all because we need the help of others to success. We are used to be very self-sufficient in most of our adventure plans. This time the skills and the means of transport are totally out of ours knowledges and possessions.  But if you believe in Karma and this is was definitely Karma, we found the perfect sail boat which will take us and Chaska to South America.

Our crazy dreams turn even better, because this sail boat is not just a ship, is a traditional Danish Hajkutter “shark cutter” style of 1939. A gorgeous two masts made of wood, with a length (LOA) of 23,16 m (76 ft) and width (beam) of 4,9 m (16 ft). 

The Liberty International Sailing Club is schooling for sailing and seamanship, along with the emphasis on ship maintenance and bosun work, maintain and sail a traditional gaff rigged sailing ship.


Live, Learn, Sail...

Live the sea life on a traditional wooden ship. Enrich your life by doing what few have the courage to do: expedition sailing.

Learn seamanship.  Joining a group of people with different skill levels sharing their knowledge and passion for the sea and sailing. Through hands-on training, you will learn new skills from others and teach to solidify the knowledge gained.

Sail the high seas aboard Labor’s expeditions. You will feel the forces of nature and put seamanship training to the test. By sailing in far-out corners of the world you will discover and learn to understand and respect the environment and different cultures.

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The Ship

Hajkutter – Traditional Danish Sailing Ketch.

S/V Labora was built in the traditional Danish Hajkutter “shark cutter” style in 1939 in Esbjerg Denmark. She was later rebuilt in the shipyard at Randers, restoring her structure and converting her from a hard working rugged north sea fishing vessel to a stout and capable yacht. 

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