Looking for deckhands?

We are looking for a friendly skipper who will take us and our dog Chaska onboard.

Being mindful and sustainable we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint. This means avoiding flights at all costs. This leads us to our first big challenge, finding a sailboat to take us to south America.

We want to know

What is it really like to sail across an ocean?

What we can offer​


From building our own van to bicycle mechanic, we can definitely say that we are good with handworks and not afraid at all of dirty jobs.

Challenge us


Having healthy food, visual creations and emotional tastes became more than a passion, but part of Martina's new professional orientation.

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Medical knowledge

Right now we renewed our First Aid knowledge with the German Red Cross. Moreover Martina is a holistic health consultant.

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We are very proud to be able to fluently speak four languages and cover most spoken languages around the atlantic.
German, French, English & Spanish.

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We both studied Art at the beginning. It's time now to use our skills for the best. With sport cameras and drone we want to create emotional assets.



What else than exchange of opinons, cultures, experiences and storytelling about past and future adventures all night long.

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Chaska's check list

When we took the decision that sailing across oceans is our only alternative to reach south America we started to ask ourself of what is needed to have a relaxed dog on board for such a long journey.

The following list contains our answer.


One of the best attributes of Vizslas is obviously their short and self-cleaning hair and the fact that they are non dog smelling.

Potty ready

Chaska knows various orders, but she recently learned two new very important ones. Poo and Pee with order on the place we ask her to. 

Office dog Approved

Since the beginning Chaska spends her daytime in the office. Means basically sleeping all day long.

Place efficiency

You believe it or not but a dog does not need much more than a small cosy place to roll themselfs, that´s it.

Water proofed

Chaska does not jump into water like other dogs, but when she has motivation she swims like a pro.

Brain entertainment

Brain, brain, brain. There are two ways to fully occupy Chaska and make her tired. Sport or intelligence work.


Team partner

Life is good


Team Lover

Love is unconditional



Changes are opportunities

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