A Munich Kindl, who has always felt the need to explore since a very young age. Nature, unknown countries and cultures have always been part of my life-elixir and give me the power and trust to fulfil my dreams and follow the path I believe in..


Life is good it's just a matter of perspective.

My story

Every step out of your comfort zone brings colour into your life.

And so I never hesitated when I got the chance to spend some months in the exotic Peruvian jungle when I was 17 years old – months of crazy experiences I will always treasure in my heart. Many years later I felt an urgent need to start looking for something more than a fulltime office career, part-time studying and spending the rest of the little time I had mountain biking or socialising with friends.

Like between magnets I was torn back and forth between climbing the next steps on my career ladder or searching for the deeper meaning in life.

Shortly before my 30th birthday the explorer-part of me won and I quit my job and decided to travel the world. If anybody would have said I would end up buying a bicycle, start cycle touring and then meet the love of my life – I’m sure I would have laughed at them.

But life makes its own rules and so I came back to Munich with a lot more of colour in my heart … and a man by my side.

That’s six years ago – and now it’s time to write the next chapters of our life story.

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