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Mmm, if the plan doesn't work, we will change it but never the goal.

Part 1
The set-up
Building our dream bikes out of bamboo, sell everything else and start a new lifestyle.
Part 1
Part 2
Hit the road
Farewell road trip of our self-builded Van until the Atlantic west coast.
Part 2
Part 3
Sail across the Atlantic
From Portugal to Brazil.
Part 3
Part 4
Bikepack the Americas
What else?
Part 4

Part 1


Travelling  by bicycle one of the best means of transportation.

A bicycle allows you to travel freely and avoid participating in destructive tourism, it can bring you places where no travel guides have been. 

You will meet real locals who are interested  in chatting and finding more out about you rather than selling you tourist products.

A bicycle combines flexibility and efficiency while producing zero carbon emission. Bicycle a sustainable. Little energy is need to build them, much energy is required to ride the bicycle and the healthy benefit are amazing.

Because sustainable is so important to us we have decided the build our own bicycle made out of bamboo.

With the helps from Bamboo Bicycle Club Munich we are building our dream bikes.

Our naked fat frames are still looking for some components. If you want to help us and became part of the our Mindful journey

IMG_3890 2

Part 2


Home is where we park.

A van is definitely not the most sustainable means of transportation, but if it is combined with your home, you could start a good sustainable discussion. We are aware of our carbon foot prints and are offsetting our carbon emission.

After many long hours and  weekends of  building our own van it becomes a second home, starting Friday after work and end late Sunday night, weekends became small holidays.

After arriving at the Atlantic and finding a boat we will have to part with our van and start the next chapter in our adventure. 

If you are interested buying our van just contact us.

boat-ocean-sail-1136576 (1)

Part 3


Here we go.

Being mindful and sustainable we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint. This means avoiding flights at all costs.

We found the perfect match with Liberty International  Sailing Club a friendly crew who will take us and our dog Chaska on LABORA from Portugal to Brazil.


Part 4


Goodbye asphalt, hello dirt roads and single track.

After having traveled for 18 months with a classic bike setup around Asia and South America, it is now time for a more wild and sportive adventure .

With our bamboo fat bikes we will be chasing our dreams and follow Inca foot steps. The Cordillera Blanca, Bolivian salt flats, Argentina pampas, Ecuadorian volcanos, many deserts, altitude lakes and white summits will accompany us in our journey.

Bikepacking the americas together with our dog Chaska.

Much more to come, stay posted.

Step by step we are building our mindful journey with problems and solutions being solved along the way.

Obviously one aspect is, how exactly will we finance an adventure like ours?

Maybe you can be a part of the answer.

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