An international kid born and raised in the French speaking side of Switzerland with Peruvian roots. Growing up with two cultures and languages allowed me to see the world with enthusiasm.


Life is a perpetual change.

My story

Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones.

If you have never quit your job you should do it.

Aged 30 I was close to having what most of the people I know think they are looking for. Friends,family, social and financial security, and a normal life in a peaceful country. Ready to find the love of my life, get married, have a kid, buy a house, second kid, etc…

Instead of that I quit my job.

After minimal research I took my bike and set off cycle touring without any plans. All of a sudden I felt truly free, powerful, and open to experience anything and everything. I felt ambitious.

With two plus years and more than 16’000 km cycled, 16 countries visited, thousand of smiles smiled, hundreds of nights slept under billions of stars I found the girl I love.

After these experiences my life journey never stopped – I moved to Munich, Germany for love of my life and got much more: a new language, a new culture, a new job and skill set. However now my feet are itching and it is time for our adventures to begin again

I literally cannot wait to say hello to the world again and return to some of my nomad roots.

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